Hey, why am I the only one absorbing your good words???

Wanna tip? You can ignore this if you don't... How did I (and do I) get people reading my page? And my page is often just lite humor to make people chuckle now and then... dog jokes, etc...

I go to other people's pages, good ones, and get into the conversation and say things that blast people's heads off sometimes... I try not to fight with folks, but I think your brain works quite well, and I think you could seriously build your peeps. That's my advice... mingle. Cheers, I'm am SO right with you on this post!! ^_^

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Thank you! I have to get good about that again. Appreciate the kind words ❤️

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Check the post... After your promo, there's MEMES! ;)

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Oh, and... I'll share this and recommend you, how's dat? Woof!

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It is all just a "Big Show."

“No sides, no Sunnis, Shiites, Republicans, Democrats, just haves and have nots.”

-6-term Senator Charles F. Meachum

“There is no Deep State, only THE STATE.”

-Edwin. (subscribed) & thanks

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